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Dispatch Center for Telemedicine

  • 17_15-05-2014
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Remote Diagnostics and personal monitoring – are most important components of telemedicine. Dispatch Center for Telemedicine was developed based on the HELTERBOOK platform. It is intended for implementation of regional, industrial or corporate telemedicine projects, providing a common information and diagnostics
environment for hospitals and physicians across the region, or a network of clinics.

Main Functions of DC TM:

  • dispatching data streams from diagnostic devices for
    expert on-line consultations of physicians that treat
  • ensuring compilation of formalized physician
    conclusions and structured records of study results
  • provision of study conclusion quality control
  • provision of centralized distribution of reference data
  • monitoring of diagnostic centers’ work
  • statistical and financial data reporting
  • united medical study database
  • diagnostic equipment usage control

Personal data is processed in accordance with applicable law Implementation of DC TM is possible at several levels:
1. Medical institutions of the 1st level (Central Regional Hospitals, City Hospitals and Policlinics with CTs, MRIs, X-Rays and mammography devices)
2. Interdistrict Medical Institutions
3. Regional consultation centers having better competence in the field of diagnostic imaging expertise
4. Federal Centers or independent centers of expertise, including foreign

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